Who we are

The group was officially launched in 1994 as South Wales Liberty, a local group of Liberty (formerly the National Council for Civil Liberties) based in London. In the early days the group was involved in a range of human and civil rights issues such as Liberty’s campaign for a Bill of Rights and the Human Rights Act.

However the predominant demands on the group have always been related to miscarriages of justice and work on individual campaigns led the group away from the more general human rights agenda of Liberty. Consequently in 2006 the group was re-named and its role became limited to the specific issue of miscarriages of justice. The direct relationship with Liberty ended but the group retains a positive relationship and support for the aims of Liberty.

While our membership includes interested people from various walks of life, the core of the group is composed of people whose lives have been directly affected by wrongful conviction some of whom may have family members or friends wrongly imprisoned. The membership is entirely voluntary with no paid positions, offices within the group such as Chair, Secretary and Treasurer being elected at the AGM.

We welcome people who need the help of the group but our resources are very limited and we also need people who simply wish to help and give support. Please get in touch if you have a general interest or concern about this issue and feel you might be able to help. You do not have to be a lawyer or expert in any area, all that is needed is a wish to offer support to people whose lives have been damaged so seriously by injustice – sometimes just listening to their story can be a comfort: -


I doubt that any of you really appreciate how much your support and good wishes mean to people like myself who are victims of miscarriages of justice. To have someone say ‘I believe you and I want to help’ means so much. It brings new hope when so many doors have been slammed in your face”

-- Michael Attwooll HMP Kingston
(Letter to the group July 2004)


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