Cases Supported

Wrongful convictions are often complex issues.  The group is always prepared to listen and initially at least give the benefit of any doubt to those maintaining innocence.  In the longer term as knowledge of the case and how it came about become better known to the group, support for the case may become fully acknowledged.  This is a process however which involves gradually assessing the truth, or otherwise, behind what people say – sometimes with time this becomes more certain: -


You can’t elaborate on the truth, you can only build on a lie."

-- John Roden HMP Gartree
(June 2007)


The group has in the past supported or campaigned on behalf of a number of people who were eventually cleared at the Court of Appeal. These include: -

  • Mahmood Mattan   (The last person to be executed in Wales)
  • The Merthyr Three
  • Jonathan Jones
  • The Cardiff Newsagent Three

The group continues to support ongoing campaigns including: -

  • Michael Attwooll and John Roden (for more information, click here)
  • Richard Davies

Other support groups exist in different areas (see Links) and therefore while the group has concerns about many miscarriages of justice throughout the UK and beyond, our casework is generally limited to cases that have occurred in Wales.

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