• - Manchester-based organisation which supports and campaigns for innocent people in prison.
  • United Against Injustice - national federation of groups campaigning against miscarriages of justice. It holds a major public meeting every October.

Support Organisations

  • Joint Enterprise: Not Guilty by Association - JENGbA campaigns for the overturning of wrongful convictions which are the result of the use of the joint enterprise law, and for the abolition of, or major change in the joint enterprise law.
  • West Midlands Against Injustice - A group of miscarriage of justice victims and their families and supporters, based in Birmingham, set up in July 2010, for mutual help and advice.
  • Yorkshire and Humberside Against Injustice - A group of miscarriage of justice victims and their families and supporters, based in Leeds, set up in May 2006, for mutual help and advice.
  • Convicted but Innocent - Support group for all types of cases, based in Kent.
  • Merseyside Against Injustice - MAI - A Liverpool-based support and campaigning organisation which holds monthly meetings.
  • Kent Against Injustice - Holds regular support and public meetings
  • London Against Injustice - London Against Injustice is a support group for family and friends of prisoners who are innocent of the crime of which they have been found guilty. The group meets once a month in central London to share information, give support and encouragement to those who are fighting against the wrongful conviction of our loved ones.
  • Innocence Network UK - Aims to encourage the establishment of Innocence Projects attached to universities and promote research into the causes of miscarriage of justice. An Innocence Project is a group of students investigating, normally under the supervision of a practising lawyer, the case of a convicted person maintaining innocence, who has exhausted the initial appeals process. Students aim to find evidence that will assist them in making an application to the CCRC for that person’s case to be reviewed for referral back to the Court of Appeal.
  • Miscarriages of Justice Organisation: MOJO - MOJO was established in 2001 by Paddy Joe Hill. It campaigns for changes in the criminal justice system and invites you to contact it if you need help for a miscarriage of justice victim by writing to 32 Outmore Road, Sheldon, Birmingham B33 0XL or calling 0121 789 8443.
  • Miscarriages of Justice Organisation Scotland - MOJO Scotland was set up by Paddy Joe Hill and John McManus. It is dedicated to assisting innocent people both in prison and after their release.
  • Falsely Accused Carers and Teachers - Campaigns on behalf of carers and teachers (and their families) who are victims of false allegations of abuse.
  • People Appealing Convictions for Sexual Offences - For anyone who has been falsely accused or been subjected to an unwarranted investigation, PACSO can provide advice pre-trial, on appeals and CCRC applications, and refer cases to specialist solicitors.
  • False Allegations Scotland - Established to support and advise people who have been falsely accused. Though primarily focussed on Scotland, open to contact from anyone in the UK.
  • Families and Social Services Information Team: FassitUK - "If you are a parent or family member searching desperately for advice because the social services have wrecked your life by unjustly taking your precious children from you, then this website may help you."
  • The Portia Campaign - The Portia Campaign was set up 27 years ago and is now a loose association of like-minded people who are certain that injustice is rife within the British criminal justice system.
  • Scandals in Justice - Details many miscarriages of justice and contains some excellent articles by the late Simon Regan.
  • False Allegations Support Organisation: FASO - FASO is a voluntary organisation dedicated to providing support to anyone affected by a false allegation of abuse.
  • Miscarriages of Justice UK - Miscarriages of Justice UK details a large number of cases and works closely with prisoners.
  • PAFAA - SOFAP - Joint website for People Against False Allegations of Abuse and Support Organisation for Falsely Accused People
  • Justice For Women - Justice For Women is a feminist organisation that campaigns and supports women who have fought back against or killed violent male partners.
  • Unity-Injustice - Excellent site providing extensive advice for those having problems with social services.
  • SAFARI - Supporting All Falsely Accused with Reference Information. "We provide information ... of use to those who are in a position to make necessary changes in our investigative and judicial systems, those who have been affected by false accusations, including the family & friends of victims, and those who have suffered from being pressurised into making false accusations."
  • Errors of justice Blog


  • Justice 4 Simon - Simon Hall was convicted of murder on very slight circumstantial evidence.
  • Inside Doubt - Insidedoubt is for anyone who needs help campaign against miscarriages of justice.
  • The Five Percenters - A website dealing with Shaken Baby Syndrome - many parents have been wrongly accused of murdering their children.
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